54 Turkish women slain by their husbands in first 7 months of 2015

sad womanViolence from Turkish husbands continues to grow, with 154 women murdered by their spouses or romantic partners in the first 7 months of 2015. 43 percent of these women lost their lives over an argument that broke out at home. 31 percent were over demanding divorce.

‘The untold truth about murder’ project by the ‘We Will End the Murder of Women’ Platform has once again revealed the sheer scope of spousal murder in Turkey.

According to the latest statistics, 154 women were murdered by their husbands in the first 7 months of 2015, often times over arguments that broke out in the home. Of the murdered women, 43 percent were killed in fights at home, with 31 percent murdered over demanding a divorce.

These numbers were followed in order by economic troubles, disagreements with in-laws and child-rearing as reasons for murder.

51 percent of the victims were murdered by blade, 26 percent shot by gun, 11 percent beaten to death, 2 percent strangled and 1 percent burned alive. The number where the cause of death was unknown is 8.9 percent.

41 percent of the murders were committed by a husband, 36 percent by a former husband or lover, 10 percent by an acquaintance, 7 percent by a romantic partner, 4 percent by their father and 1 percent by a son.

The number of murders by month is 20 in January, 16 in February, 33 in March, 22 in April, 22 in May, 26 in June and 15 in July.