Turkish men taking Syrian refugee women as second wives is one of the main reasons for this increase in divorce rates in Kilis The increasing number of Syrian migrants are effecting their host or destination countries in a variety of ways. Their presence prompts not only political challenges but also social challenges as well. One […]

The Supreme Court of Appeals ruled that a married woman can use her maiden name without the addition of her husband’s last name in a victory for women. In a landmark verdict, the highest judiciary authority in the Turkish legal system put an end to a long-standing debate whether women should be allowed to use […]

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Violence from Turkish husbands continues to grow, with 154 women murdered by their spouses or romantic partners in the first 7 months of 2015. 43 percent of these women lost their lives over an argument that broke out at home. 31 percent were over demanding divorce. ‘The untold truth about murder’ project by the ‘We […]

Important changes in the procedure of getting residence permit Dear readers of our website! We hasten to inform you that since 05.18.15 the procedure of obtaining and renewing residence permit in Turkey has become much easier thanks to a new electronic system, e-ikamet. Now you can fill in the electronic questionnaire on the website of the […]