Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why have i not recieved the package I ordered?
  2. How Much does it cost to get divorced?
  3. How Long will it take?
  4. Do I need an attorney?
  5. I cannot find the marriage book?
  6. How long do i need to be married before I get Divorced?
  7. I want a Divorce but dont know where my spouce is
  8. Do i need a witness?
  9. I have been granted a Judgment “Decree Nisi”. When can I apply for my Decree Absolute?

have been granted a Judgment “Decree Nisi”. When can I apply for my Decree Absolute

Why have I not received the pack that I ordered?

All documents PoA and draft petitions are e-mailed within 1 business day of your payment. Reasons why you have not received your pack could be one of the following:

-You did not provide your correct email address at the time of purchase

-Our email to you has been treated as junk email by your server

To resolve any issues regarding non receipt of emails sent by us please ensure that ay@turkishdivorce.com is entered into your email preferences as a safe recipient.

How much does it cost to get divorced in addition to your fees?

Court fees total £185.00 for a straightforward divorce this includes Court registration notification costs, postage and handling of the courts’ clerks, postal service.

How long will it take?

This depends on the court but usually you would be looking at 4-6 weeks for a straight forward uncontested divorce.

Do I need a solicitor?

If your divorce is straightforward, not contested by your spouse and there are no issues regarding children or finances that are in dispute you do not require a solicitor to handle your divorce in Turkey. However if located outside of Turkey you may wish to take advantage of our Divorce packages, these are often cheaper than a flight ticket.

I cannot find my marriage certificate, what do I do?

You will need to provide an official paper that indicates your marriage date such as ID card in the absence of such TurkishDivorce.com can attend to Public Record Office and get a copy of your marital status.

How long do you have to be married in order to apply for a divorce in Turkey?

There is no waiting period for divorce in Turkey.

I want to get divorced but I do not know where my husband/wife is. Can I still proceed?

In this case you can apply for divorce under the ground of desertion. If one the spouses has left the marital home to avoid his/her responsibilities  and would not come back without any rightful reasons and if such desertion lasts more than 6 months suffering spouse has the right to petition the court for divorce under this grounds. In this case at the end of the 4thmonth of desertion with the request of the suffering spouse Court would ask the other party to come back home if he/she would not come back within 2 months then you can apply for divorce.

Do I need a witness?

Both contested and uncontested divorces the ground for divorce needs to be qualified and especially for contested divorce the ground needs to be proven by the applicant. Naturally best way to prove the suffer is the witness.

Unless you applied for an “uncontested divorce” you are advised to support your ground for divorce with a witness. If the marriage is less than a year this is a must. The witness can be anybody from around the marriage.

I have been granted a Judgment “Decree Nisi”. When can I apply for my Decree Absolute?

After the initial Judgment 15 days must pass without any appeal application. On the 16th day you can apply for the “absolute stamp” same day.


Q: I am a foreign national, married in Turkey, can I get a divorce from my Turkish partner?

R: Yes you can.

Q: Can I get a divorce without having to travel to Turkey?

R: Yes you can.

Q: I don’t know where my partner is, can I still get a divorce?

R: Yes you can.

Q: Which documents do I need to initiate a divorce?

R: Officially signed powers of attorney document, copy of your ID, and your partner’s name and contact details

Q: How long does it take to get a divorce?

R: It depends whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, uncontested divorces can be granted within a 4-6 weeks whereas others can take longer.

Q: Can I protect my assets through the divorce?

R: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I get restraining orders against my violent partner before initiating the divorce and/or simultaneously with divorce proceedings.

R: Yes, you can.

Q: Would my Turkish Decree Absolute be valid in my home country?  How?

R: Yes. We give the translation and apostil service which makes the decree absolute valid in your home country. For more information please see Recognition and Execution page.

Q: I am divorced in outside of Turkey, do I need to initiate another Divorce for Turkish records to be changed?

R: No, all you need is to initiate a recognition and execution case of your foreign decree absolute. For more information please see Recognition and Execution page.

Q: How much does it cost?

R: Part of our reputation is the clarity of our fees, simply visit our homepage for indication of fees.

Q: I am a foreign national why do I have to pay VAT?

R: Even if the instructor/client is a foreign national, since the service is given in Turkey it is subject to VAT.

Q: What is a powers of attorney document?

R: It is an official document enables a competent attorney to represent you in front of Turkish Courts and other official authorities.

Q: What is an apostil?

R: It is a way of authentication of foreign documents for detailed information please see….