Recognition and Execution of Foreign Decree Absolutes


Decree absolutes (final divorce orders) granted by courts outside of Turkey can be recognised and their terms can be executed in Turkey.

Instead of initiating an all new divorce case; we can simply apply for recognition and execution of your decree absolute at Turkish Courts.

For this process all we need is apostilled or legalised (please see apostil and legalisation page for further details) original of your decree absolute and its official translation along with your powers of attorney document.

Once applied to the courts your decree absolute would be fully recognised and executed as it is in Turkey as well as in your home country; unless it is against public order or Turkish Internal Law.

Without this recognition process foreign decree absolutes are not valid in Turkey and you are legally bounded with your marriage and it’s obligations.

Your assets, custody rights may not be protected.

Therefore to tidy all loose ends and get a legal and clear finish to your marriage you must get your foreign decree absolute recognised and executed at Turkish Courts.

How long does it take?

Recognition and execution cases can be finalised within one hearing subject to a professional preparation and representation.